Jacob Jeffries titles upcoming album

I almost didn't name it. At one point I nearly threw in the towel and called my new record "Jacob Jeffries." Boring, I know. A self titled album from a guy with 2 first names? Meh. Still, after a bunch of back & forths with my sister and closest friends, I had nothing good. What does this collection of songs mean to me? Why does it matter? I racked my brain harder. Ok. I searched for a common theme. The thread woven through them all, through everything for me, my mom. These songs span years. They're the milestone markers on my timeline. Some of them written when she was still alive even, some of them since she's gone. But certainly without her these songs couldn't be. 
Sure, some of these songs are about ex-girlfriends or the change of scenery after my cross country move...but one thing is for certain, I owe it ALL to my mother. She died 5 years ago. Laura was her name. Her maiden name was Drucker, and for some strange reason, I've always been fixated on the idea of Laura Ann Drucker. Abbreviating it all using the L from Laura, the An from her middle name, and the D from Drucker. LAND. 
I like the word Land and thought about just calling it that. But what does that mean? What's the point? Well tone-wise, on the whole, this new record is a revisitation to my roots as a writer, and musician. These are songs with deeper meanings, stories, & authenticity. A symbolic journey back "home" - to the days I cherish and remember, "long before the storm came through". These are the songs that would make my mom proud. And just like that, it hit me. 

Jacob Jeffries